You miss important things in falcon and the winter soldier

After we are watched episode 04 hope you all understand that what exactly Kari Skogland (Director) is wants to tell through this series. Today we are talking about the things you have missed in the falcon and the winter soldier ep04. 

On the very rough moment when Walker (New Captain America) brutally killed one of the flag smasher members in front of the public, it means that the power he takes from that serum is driving him crazy it changes him a very different or very real side of "Walker". 

Falcon And The Winter Soldier things you missed.

things you miss in falcon and the winter soldier
Source - The Falcon and the winter soldier

The Zemo move - When sam goes alone to meet the girl name "Karli Morgenthau" member and lead of that group flag smasher, Sam almost convince him that she is wrong the way she did for her people is wrong then Walker came and wanting to arrest that girl, the girl got away and then Zemo finds that girl and he is able to destroy all the serum she has got except one that Walker found it. 

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The very busy and fighting moment Zemo able to run away from them after all he had no choice so what he gonna do, As soon as Bucky and sam find that girl they put Zemo in jail again or that Wakanda people gonna arrest him.

You miss important things in falcon and the winter soldier
Source - The Falcon and the winter soldier

In the first 3 episodes, we barely know what the series is about, and now we have some things that we can discuss. A whole new concept of the series brings a new Captain America, a soldier or say it a perfect soldier but not a good man, he is not a worthy man. 

Actually, in a scene in episode 04, he talks about the Afghanistan war where he did the very wrong things and very bad decisions which makes him a soldier but not worthy of that shield that he took.

In the next episode of The Falcon and the winter soldier ep05, we hope that we can see the man from Madripur name Power Broker seems very dangerous cause the way they describe him look like he may be the main villain that they all are gonna fight with him, and don't forget the black super soldier he maybe fights for sam and bucky.

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