The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Ending And Symbol Of The Series

Welcome back everyone this is going to be The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Ending And Symbol Of The Series article. There were so many Easter eggs and obviously some big setups and a genuine post-credits scene. They're doing the one-division thing where the last couple of episodes each have a post-credits scene.

In the next couple of weeks careful for spoilers if you have not seen the episode yet because there were some really big reveals, we'll just start at the beginning of the episode. I'll number these as we go along talking about big wtf moments and Easter eggs.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Ending

As we go along starting with the title of the episode which was the truth so some  of you may have read the “Isaiah Bradley” origin story comic book it's called Captain America red,  white and black truth and it basically tells the story that Isaiah Bradley told to falcon during  the episode it's pretty accurate to the comics but they kind of do the cliff notes version like 

I was a little disappointed they didn't do full-blown flashbacks with this character. But it was a great scene nonetheless they've only changed a couple of minor things about the Isaiah Bradley character from the comics.

So I'll explain that when we get to that part of the episode but the actual episode starts with john walker directly after the events of him killing that black smasher with all the camera phones people recording him and it seems like he just bolted out of the square to get away from all those phones.

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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Last Scene Explanation.

He has all these flashbacks to “Lamar” from before the mission telling him not to go into the building yet cursing himself for not listening blaming Lamar's death a little bit on himself he rests his head on the shield and it seems like he's recognized what he does for a  second like for a moment he's just sort of filled with all this regret and this pain and grief over  Lamar's death.

There's this really sad soundtrack playing over all these scenes like you really do feel for him for a second but then sort of a funny turn like on a dime he just turns like well back to duty like he just wipes it all away nope that's in the past fully compartmentalized.

There are also repeated shots of the blood on the shield which is still dripping down just to show you how fresh this all is then when falcon and winter soldier comes running in you could just sense for a moment like he's just completely past it like okay guys let's plan what we're going to do next we need to go after Carly and falcon has to stop him dead in his tracks like no dude you need to chill and give us the shield back.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Ending

Nobody else needs to get hurt remember falcon was a grief counselor he has this really nice talk with winter soldier towards the end of the episode telling him about the right way that he needs to be making amends using that list of his that we saw earlier in the series obviously that was all set up for Yori's arc and him finding out about his dead son that winter soldier killed.

So I'll talk about that in a second too but obviously, we knew where this was all headed is all just building up to the double teaming john walker when he just completely goes over the edge is as if you're watching a giant car crash play out in slow motion as john walker kind of realizes what's happening oh oh so that's how it is he goes from zero to full hulk out mode on a dime is almost funny if it weren't so tragic.

what was happening here when winter soldier tries to tell him that he knows from experience it doesn't end well going down the dark side that way he's trying to tell him about his time as a winter soldier as an assassin like that will not end well for you, of course, john walker denies it all I'm nothing like you but they keep showing you the bloody shield is still dripping blood bucky's able to get the shield from him for a hot second just another subtle reference to bucky.

Being captain America in the comics first stretch after steve rogers was there been a bunch of times in the series where both winter soldier and falcon have used the shield obviously it's all about falcon becoming the next Captain America and him fully wielding the shield but they're just playing with that idea like bucky has used the shield in the comics a lot too the fight does remind me a little bit of the fight from Captain America civil war.

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