First Time Ever Youtubers Entry In Bigg Boss 14 2020

Bigg Boss India's one of the biggest reality tv show where many famous and viral stars stay for 90 days in one single house. There is a lot happening in this house, staying is not an entertaining thing but there are more involved like doing tasks and debates. It is a matter of fun that the debate here fans are very like it, the battle is very enjoyable for those who watch this show.

The show Bigg Boss has started on 3 November  2006. 14 years of continuous running this show and made a huge audience over the country, not only in India there is more audience outside of the country. This shows TRP goes very high when it starts. 

A Youtuber In Bigg Boss True Or False? 


Dinchak Puja thinks she is a singer and she made original songs but the truth is her songs are very cringy, senseless, and meaningless she doesn't even have a good voice to sing a song. 

Another viral person Hindustani Bhau who creates videos in a car with his own content is mostly using abusive language, bad words, and luckily people like it I don't know why? but it is. Now Hindustani Bhau becomes a meme material people make fun of him and his dialogue.

How Youtuber involve in Bigg Boss?

Earlier becomes rumors of Carryminati AKA Ajay Nagar going to Bigg Boss 14, fans of Carryminati they attacking to ask on social media why he gonna join or become part of Bigg Boss. They text him like thousands of messages Carry received.

In The last couple of years many of the contestants were wild card entry contestants are viral Sensation or a YouTuber like last year Indian youtube Hindustani Bhau entered as a wild card entry and two years ago Dinchank Puja entered where both are they viral personalities.

Carryminati reaction on it.

Recently Carryminati revealed that he is not a part of the upcoming Bigg Boss 14 TV show he was cleared that he never gonna join the Bigg Boss show after all he roasted it. He was said that in his Twitter handle with a post.


Bigg Boss 14 2020

This year in Bigg Boss 14 going to be very interesting cause the contestants of this year is so many good stars. Most of them have a good amount of fan following like tv serial actresses and more.

Bigg Boss 14 Contestants

  1. Eijaz Khan
  2. Pavitra Punia
  3. Jasmin Bhasin
  4. Nikki Tamboli
  5. Rubina Dilaik
  6. Abhinav Shukla
  7. Nishant Singh Malkani
  8. Shehzad Deol
  9. Jaan Kumar Sanu and Rahul Vaidya 

Salman Khan On Bigg Boss 14

If you watching Bigg boss a few times you probably know that Salman khan makes fun of his being in the show like he always said that he'll be charging more money in the next season. 

Even sometimes he was said that he wanted to quit the show but he never did cause Bigg Boss show go down without him. So he charges more money. This season in Bigg boss 14 2020 he charges 20 crores per episode.

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