Top 10 Amazing Things About Pubg Mobile You Should Know

Do you know Pubg was made by a photographer, not a professional game designer? and the game was inspired by a Japanese movie, and which country has banned Pubg mobile, and how many records made this game. So here are Top 10 Amazing Things About Pubg Mobile You Should Know.

So, today I'm gonna tell you the 20 most interesting facts about Pubg mobile that you never heard so stay tunned.

#1 About Pubg Mobile Owner

Pubg mobile was made by 'Brendan Greene' from Ireland. Brendan, not a professional game designer rather he is a photographer,

Things About Pubg Mobile You Should Know

Along with the photographer, he also developed his skills in web designing and graphic designing. But Brendan loved to play video games.

#2 Developed First Game

It is said that Brendan fell in love with a girl and after getting married to her, he got sifted in Brazil, but his simplicity did not last long and he got divorced. Brendan returns to his home country of Ireland. 

But Brendan was very depressed. He was trying to get out of this situation so he was started playing video games. 'Arma' and 'Day Z' one of his favorite video games, Arma which is a military-based game and Day Z which is part of Arma. Brendan got inspiration from these two-game and developed his own game which is mod of Day Z called 'Battle Royale' people very liked this game.

#3 Brendan Collaborate with Daybreak

After Success of Battel royale, the gaming company Sony Online Entertainment which has changed its name to Daybreak was offered employment for Brendan they also want to develop a game like battle royale, besides the fun thing is that they also inspired by Day Break So, Brendan and Daybreak collaborate together and developed a game called 'H1Z1 KING OF THE KILL'.

#4 Launching of Pubg Mobile

The South Korean game designer 'Chang Han Kim' has his own gaming company named Gino James now it's called 'Bluehole'. Chang also wants to make a battle royale game so he contacts Brendan and convinces him to come to South Korea than they shared ideas with each other and start work with it.

Things About Pubg Mobile You Should Know

They took 1 year to make this project according to this they launched the early access beta program on 1 March 2017 and the gamers loved this game after that makers launch the full version of the game on 20 December 2017.

#5 Why Its Called Pubg?

The full form of Pubg is Player Unknown's Battleground they took unknown's word cause you can play this game with unknown's people and in the gaming online platform Brendan known as a player unknown.

#6 Pubg Movie Connection

Actually, Brendan had the idea of making this game come from a Japnese movie called Battle Royale. In this movie just like the game Similarly, many students are left on an island with food, water, and weapons, and only one student can survive till last. 

In Pubg the maps and weapons are very similar to the movie just like a Pistol, Crossbow, Sickle, Lighthouse even map are very similar to the movie have.

#7 The Blue Zone

Do you know the idea of blue had a square shape? They had a problem making this shape so they decided to make it in a circle. 

The idea of making a blue zone came from the soviet union army the army used to this type of electrical current for a stay away from the intruders similarly in the game the blue zone is an electric field it slowly became small and also players are close to their enemy.

#8 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Things About Pubg Mobile You Should Know

When you win the Pubg match there is a tag line show Winner Winner Chicken Dinner this is not the first time they used to it this phrase used every Brendan's games he made. These phrases, not a new this used to the European century in the Europian country when won the money in any games the used to it with chicken dinner.

#9 Pubg Massive Record

Brendan has always been a tremendous fan of shooting games. Two million copies were sold within two months of the launch of the Pubg Mobile.

#10 The Map

The Erangle map of the pubg game was specially designed by Brendan. The name of the Erangle was coming from Irish word Erin which means Ireland and Irish.

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