Shocking Facts About Facebook & China On Facebook

Facebook, you've changed the world. You've connected people and you've created a brand new reason to murder someone? That's right, Facebook is a website that you use every single day but how much do you really know about it? Well, today, I'm going to explain everything that you need to know about Facebook in five minutes or less and believe me, there's a lot that you probably don't know.


Today we're taking on the biggest social media network on the planet, you know, the one you've likely been using for years, the ones that your parents just recently discovered the one that your weird Uncle uses to send you late-night requests for games of online poker and Farmville? Yeah, that one. That's right, this is, all about Facebook.

#1. What Is Facebook?

That's likely a question you've never actually asked yourself. Facebook is a social networking site that was launched on February 4th, 2004 by none other than Mark Zuckerberg. He did this with his four friends and roommates. Originally, it was used to connect students at Harvard University but it quickly expanded to other schools, that is, until 2006 when it was then open to anybody 13 years of age or older. Today, Facebook is one of the top methods that people use to get in touch with over 150,000 messages sent via the site and its mobile app every single minute. On top of that, every 15minutes, there are 49 million posts on Facebook, 150,000 new friend requests, and 7.5 million new likes. Fun fact, Facebook logo colors were made blue because Mark Zuckerberg is red, green colorblind.

#2. Who Is On Facebook?

Facebook sees over 1.44 billion users every single month with 79% of them accessing the site through their phones. Since the total number of users increases dramatically every day, it's impossible to declare an accurate number of how many profiles and pages that there actually are. But, according to employees at Facebook, there are only 3.74 degrees of separation on average between any two users. And with the network adding eight people every single second, that number is ever-shrinking. Shockingly, there are more Facebook users in the United States than US citizens who actually voted in the most recent election. Wow. So, odds are, if you know someone, it's pretty much a certainty that they either have Facebook or someone close to them does. 

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#3. Where Can Facebook Be accessed?

While its headquarters are in Menlo Park, California, Facebook is available to almost anyone anywhere that has the Internet. The one major exception, of course, is China where the site, as well as other major social networking sites like Twitter and even YouTube, have been blocked by the government since July 2009. The Chinese government believes that being able to speak out helps the organization of protest. Despite this, there are over 95 million users in China, many of which who simply use VPNs to get around the block and 79% of them are using their cell phones to access the website.


#4. When Is Facebook Unsafe?

Even though there are many amazing things that Facebook has done, sometimes some of the things it brings us can be awkward or even scary. That, of course, among some privacy concerns. For instance, while great strides have been made to ensure that every user's information remains private, Facebook keeps pretty close tabs on us. Going so far as tracking what sites we visit, even after we log out of the site. Also, over 600,000 hacking attempts are made every single day to accounts on Facebook, a staggering number. And the scariest fact of allis simply unfriending someone has caused people to get murdered. Believe it or not, several people have actually lost their lives over something so trivial.

#5. Why Is Facebook So Useful?

Despite the negative things that have occurred directly or indirectly because of Facebook, there are many, many positive things. Many of them beneficial to the entire world and some that are just plain fun. For example, in 2013, Mark Zuckerberg donated 1 billion dollars to charity making him the largest charitable donor in the United States. Billions of people search for the Facebook login page in a day.

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Yes, that's a thing you can do. In all seriousness, Facebook has connected and reconnected people all over the world, and to most people, the benefits far outweigh the negative issues that it brings into our lives. That being said, if you have Facebook, be sure to add me by liking my fan page Fact Industries and adding my Facebook page. The right side on this page.

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