Interesting Facts About Bhuvan Bam You Should Know

Interesting Facts About Bhuvan Bam You Should Know, The face of Indian first YouTuber that he brings many of others to this competition. Bhuvan, who is the first comedian YouTuber, a comedian with hilarious jokes and acting skills. 

He brings his own franchise with different characters, the way he presents his videos it makes everyone's laugh the adult jokes many of people like it.


# Introduction

In any case, you don't know this person, Bhuvan Bam is the face of Indian YouTube with over 18 million subscribers. He was the first person to introduce uncensored content with relatable humor which changed the scenario of digital content in India.

Bhuvan is a Singer, Songwriter, and a YouTuber. He has done his graduation from 'Shaheed Bhagat Sing College' in Delhi. He got a bachelor's degree in history.

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# Who Is Bhuvan Bam?

Bhuvan Bam went a long way with information about his private life as a secret. No list is available for his previous and current relationships. Currently, it is believed that he is not married. Who is Bhuvan Bam? Bhuvan Bam is one funny and humorous Indian man. 

People can visualize its YouTube comedy channel 'BB Ki Vines'. Also, he is an artist and has released six songs so far including "Heer Ranjha". Bhuvan Bam's Early Life, Childhood, and Bam Knowledge were related to India on January 22, 1995. Throughout his adult years, he met in Delhi.

Bhuvan's Music Videos

  1. Sang Hoon Tere - 2018
  2. Safar - 2018
  3. Bas Mein - 2019
  4. Ajnabee - 2019
  5. Heer Ranjha - 2020

Also, he revived the nosy with a musical and comedy atmosphere at a young age. Also, he tells of the background of Indian nationalism. He has some videos that he uploaded with his parents but their names are unknown, however, we know from his videos that he is very much in touch with his parents and relatives.

# Bhuvan's Living Place

This is the official information on the internet about him but nowhere he has revealed his actual place of residence. Hence, in this article after researching for days. I have cracked this question Where Does Bhuvan Bam Live in Delhi?

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After researching for days, I found that he - doesn't have a single house, he has 3 total homes, which is in Malviya Nagar, Delhi Vasant Kunj, Delhi, and Ghatkopar Mumbai. 

In an Instagram post of Bhuvan Bam, a person was bragging about Malviya Nagar's F-block, where Bhuvan replied to him by saying -'Hail The Roundabout ' which proves that he lives somewhat here.

He has said in his Instagram live that lives near Ghatkopar. Hence his third home is near Ghatkopar, Mumbai. There are many other proofs and exact addresses, but these are only my opinion I don't have strong proof is that where he is originally home.

# YouTube King Bhuvan Bam


In this time where influencer grows like very fast but you cant leave the youtube king Bhuvan Bam. This allows you to contact him right away.

Like any other 25-year-old, he is an ordinary boy with big dreams who plans to leave his mark and career. And the simple fact that he has over 14 million followers on YouTube is proof of his hard work.

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# Journey Of 'BB KI VINES' YouTube Channel

For the uninitiated, Bhuvan Bam popularly known as BB Ki Vines is a digital distraction with the first Indian YouTube star. In other words, what Rajesh Khanna (the first Indian superstar) of Bollywood did, Bam is a YouTube community. In just four years, he is the first Indian YouTuber to surpass 10 million subscribers this year.

The life of an influencer usually looks good on the other hand. Who doesn't love fame? Light material? Are you going to A-lister parties and a big launch? Expensive gifts and sales? But if you think all of this is the way cake is, you might want to reconsider and change your mind.


  • Bhuvan
  • Bablu (Bhuvan's Father)
  • Janki (Bhuvan's Mother)
  • Banchoddas (Bhuvan's friend)
  • Sameer Fuddi (Bhuvan's friend, Bancho Cousin)
  • Titu Mama
  • Bablu Sir (Bancho, and Bhuvan's teacher)
  • Mr. Hola 
  • Dr. Sehgal
  • Detective Mangloo
  • The Salesmen

A total of 16 characters have BB KI VINES which is only 11 are shown.

# Bhuvan Bam A Good Person

“Yes, you just get stuff and gifts. This is the most important part of being an influence. However, how do we make money? Do people tend to wonder how much effort you put into making a 5-6 minute?

You just see the tip of the iceberg but you have no idea what is under it. I don't blame them anymore. People who have crossed the line now see how wonderful everything looks from a distance. It's a different ballgame, ”he emphasized.

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# Bhuvan Bam Career

Bhuvan Bam began his career as a musician playing in restaurants and cafes and then wrote his own songs. Her first video of 'I feel like Horny' went viral in Pakistan encouraging her to create her own YouTube Channel.


Bhuvan became the guest speaker at the India Film Project in 2018 and talked about him becoming the "Big Star" of India. The cost of producing his videos has been calculated as he has started recording his videos on his mobile camera and these videos include his close friends, family, parents, and teachers.

# When Bhuvan Got Viral

His journalist video for a woman who received questions about the Kashmir floods received more food and had more than 15,000 views on Facebook. Bam has received WebTV Asia fame for two thousand and sixteen under the category of Most fashionable Channel on YouTube.

Also, Bam recently uploaded videos and photos that were different from Viner Amanda Cerny, and people started to think they were dating. Bhuvan's videos were shot at the role models of her parents and relatives. He has a younger brother and no sister.

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Contradicting his education, Bam went to the leafy district School, New Delhi for his high school education. Also, he later obtained a bachelor's degree from Shaheed 'Bhagat Singh College'. The work of Bhuvan Bam, Salary, the pure Wondsam initially began his art as a musician playing in restaurants. 

# Bhuvan Bam's Achievements

Besides, the next part of his unregistered career after he started posting videos on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. His journalist video for a woman who received questions about the Kashmir floods received more food and had more than 15,000 views on Facebook. Bam currently has a YouTube channel entitled 'BB Ki vines'. 

The channel has over eighteen million subscribers and over a billion views. In addition to his work as a YouTube character, Bam is also a well-remembered artist.

Some of his songs featured 'Teri Meri Kahani', 'Sang Hoon Tere', 'Heer Ranjha', and 'Safar'. Also, in 2016, he was the speaker at TEDxIIITD. Also, he spoke at TEDxJUIT at the 'Jaypee University of Information Technology'.

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